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Moses and the Red Sea

The Egyptians trap the Israelites by the Red Sea.
Contributed by Sue Bentley
Story also available on our translated websites: Portuguese, Hindi
When God set His people free from being slaves in Egypt He led them into the wilderness towards the Red Sea. By day He led them in by pillar of cloud. – Slide 1
Then, at night, God led them by a pillar of fire. God did this so that they could travel during the day and during the evening. – Slide 2
Pharaoh had finally let them go but then changed his mind. He wanted them back as his slaves. <br/>‘Why have we let them go,’ he asked, ‘we need them to serve us?’ – Slide 3
So he gathered together all his soldiers and chariots and chased after the Israelites.  He found them camped by the Red Sea. He had them trapped. – Slide 4
But God was looking after His people. God told Moses to lift up his rod and as he did so, the Red Sea parted. There was a dry path through the sea for them to cross to the other side. They all made it safely to the other side. – Slide 5
Pharaoh and his men moved forward to the shore and saw the path God had made through the sea. They decided to rush along it to capture the Israelites. <br/>God told Moses to raise his rod again and right away the Red Sea flowed again to cover over all the Egyptians and they were drowned. – Slide 6
When Moses and the Israelites saw how God had protected them they began to sing a song of praise to Him. God had rescued them and they were free. – Slide 7
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