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The widow who gave everything

Two small coins given to God.
Contributed by Sweet Publishing
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Jesus was sitting in the Temple in Jerusalem opposite the place where people gave their offerings. He watched as people put money into the large golden trumpet-shape bowls and he could hear the coins falling into the large treasury chests underneath. (There were 13 ‘trumpet’ treasury chests in the temple). – Slide 1
Many rich people made a big show of giving gold coins and large amounts of money. (Jesus on another occasion talked about hypocrites who were ‘sounding a trumpet’ before they gave - Matthew 6:2) – Slide 2
A poor widow came and put in two small copper coins. A very, very small amount of money. (The small copper coin was called a ‘lepton’ and was the least valuable coin in circulation. The woman was only obliged to give one lepton but she gave two.) – Slide 3
Jesus called his disciples to gather round. ‘This poor widow put more in the treasury than all the others,’ Jesus told them. – Slide 4
‘They gave out of their wealth but she gave out of her poverty and put in everything - all she had to live on.’ – Slide 5
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