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Stories from Genesis: Joseph

Key events in the story of Joseph.
Contributed by Wycliffe Russia
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Joseph is given an ornate robe by his father Jacob who treats him as his favourite son. When Joseph shares his dreams in which his family bow down to him it causes his brothers to become jealous of him. They conspire to sell him as a slave into Egypt while deceiving Jacob that Joseph has been killed by a wild animal. <br/>Genesis 36 – Slide 1
Joseph becomes a slave for Potiphar and is put in charge of running his master’s household. He ends up in prison after being falsely accused by Potiphar’s wife. <br/>Genesis 39 – Slide 2
While in prison, Joseph successfully interprets the dream of Pharaoh’s Baker and Cupbearer. <br/>Genesis 40 – Slide 3
Joseph is given the chance to interpret Pharaoh’s dreams and is then promoted to be second-in-charge of Egypt to store excess crops in the seven years of plenty. <br/>When the famine strikes, Isaac sends all his sons but Benjamin into Egypt to buy grain. Joseph recognizes his brothers but they do not recognise him. <br/>Genesis 41-42 – Slide 4
The brothers return for more grain and take Benjamin with them. They bow before him before Joseph reveals his identity. Isaac is taken down to Egypt for a reunion with Joseph. <br/>Genesis 43-50 – Slide 5
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