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Paul in Ephesus

Paul in Ephesus as books on magic are set on fire.
Contributed by YoMinistry
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Paul began his third missionary journey in Antioch. He started his travels by visiting churches that he helped to start. Along the way he taught the scriptures, witnessed and encouraged believers (Acts 18:23, 19:1). – Slide 1
When Paul arrived in the large city of Ephesus he met Apollos who was a very learned man of the scriptures (Acts 18:24). Paul also met other people who loved God’s word but they were missing something. – Slide 2
The people Paul met in Ephesus heard about Jesus and they were baptised according to John’s baptism of repentance. They had not heard about the baptism in the name of the Lord Jesus and the Holy Spirit. – Slide 3
‘When they heard about this they were baptised in the name of the Lord Jesus. And when Paul had laid his hands upon them, the Holy Spirit came on them, and they began speaking in tongues and prophesying.’ (Acts 19:5-6). – Slide 4
Paul loved the Jewish people. He went to the synagogue where Jews worship God and told them the good news about Jesus for three months. Some believed but some had hard hearts and would not believe. – Slide 5
In Ephesus Paul continued to teach people about Jesus. He went to the school of Tyrannus for two years and taught eager students about Jesus and God’s wonderful love for the Jews and Gentiles. – Slide 6
Paul was not only teaching about Jesus, but the Holy Spirit was performing extraordinary miracles through Paul. People who were sick, diseased and even suffering with evil spirits were being healed. – Slide 7
Seven sons of the Jewish Chief Priest were impressed with these miracles. They tried to heal a man with evil spirits without the help of the Holy Spirit. The evil spirit said, ‘I recognise Jesus, and I know about Paul, but who are you?’ – Slide 8
The evil spirit leapt suddenly on the seven men and beat them all violently. They fled the house in terror, wounded and with the their clothes torn off. It wasn’t long before everyone in Ephesus heard of this. – Slide 9
Now, many people in Ephesus realised the terrible power of evil and wanted to know more about the Lord Jesus. People repented from their sins and started to burn their wicked books that encouraged evil practices. – Slide 10
Paul had other exciting adventures in Ephesus. He left Ephesus by ship to continue his third missionary journey. Paul had a special love for the Ephesians so he wrote them a letter that you can read in the Bible (the book of Ephesians). – Slide 11
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