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Paul in the storm

Paul is rescued from a shipwreck and a snake bite.
Contributed by YO! Ministry
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As a prisoner Paul was bound and on his way to Rome. It is believed that Luke wrote the book of Acts, travelled with Paul, and shared in this amazing journey. In Rome, Paul was to face trial before Caesar. – Slide 1
They started in Caesarea and traveled across the Mediterranean Sea toward Rome. Winter, with its storms, was approaching. The ship struggled through winds and poor sailing conditions to slowly get to Fair Havens. – Slide 2
Considerable time had passed and the voyage was now dangerous. Paul urged them to postpone the trip because he feared the ship would be in terrible danger. They refused to listen to Paul and set sail. – Slide 3
Not long after, a violent wind caused them to start losing control of the ship. On the third day of the storm they threw the cargo overboard, hoping to keep the ship afloat. Neither sun nor stars appeared for many days. – Slide 4
One night, during the storm, an angel of God appeared to Paul. The angel told Paul he would get safely to Rome and all the men on the ship would survive. The bad news was that the ship would be totally wrecked. – Slide 5
During the storm Paul encouraged the men on the ship by telling them of his visit by an angel. He encouraged them to eat and not give up. Paul also encouraged them by telling them about the Lord Jesus Christ. – Slide 6
After 14 days of a violent storm they surmised that they were approaching land. The ship struck a reef and was wrecked. The soldiers planned to kill the prisoners, including Paul, but the centurion stopped them. – Slide 7
All the men on the ship either swam or used parts of the boat to safely get to the beach. This was not the first time that Paul was shipwrecked. Paul was used to suffering as he continued to share the gospel. – Slide 8
The people of Malta greeted the ship-wrecked crew with a warm fire and food. Paul helped to gather wood for the fire. Suddenly a snake attacked Paul and bit him on his hand, but God prevented its poison from hurting him. – Slide 9
The people of Malta were impressed with the power of Paul’s God to heal. Paul was invited to meet with the chief man of the island called Publius. Publius invited Paul and Luke to stay in his home for three days. – Slide 10
Paul met Publius’ dad who was gravely ill. By the power of God Paul healed Publius’ dad and all were amazed. Soon many who were sick on the island came to Paul for healing and to hear the gospel. – Slide 11
Paul and Luke continued their trip to Rome. Paul waited many years for his trial before Caesar. He was a prisoner, but more importantly he was a witness for his Lord. Even Caesar’s household heard the Gospel through Paul. – Slide 12
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