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Jesus is born

Shepherds learn of the birth of Jesus.
Contributed by Little Zebra Books
Story also available on our translated website: Spanish
Do you know the story of Joseph and Mary? They travelled to Bethlehem in a bit of a hurry. – Slide 1
It was time for Mary to give birth to a baby. The innkeeper asked, ‘Could you sleep in here, maybe?’ – Slide 2
Near the animals’ manger, the baby was born. They wrapped him in cloth, and he slept until morn. – Slide 3
Shepherds were staying in the fields out of town. Then an angel appeared and God’s glory shone down. – Slide 4
He said, ‘Don’t be afraid, I bring you great news. A Saviour is born! There’s no time to lose!’ – Slide 5
Then so many angels filled the night sky, saying, ‘Peace on Earth! Glory to God on high!’ – Slide 6
The shepherds were shocked, and their world was rocked. ‘Let’s go find this baby!’ they said to the flock. – Slide 7
They found Mary and Joseph where the angel said. Baby Jesus was wrapped up, with a manger for a bed. – Slide 8
Then the shepherds spread the news of this wonderful story: A Saviour in the hay and a sky filled with glory! – Slide 9
Slide 10