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Elijah fed by ravens

Elijah hides from King Ahab as ravens bring him food.
Contributed by FreeBibleimages
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The prophet Elijah from Tishbe in Gilead gives King Ahab God’s message that there will be no more dew or rain until he says so. – Slide 1
God tells Elijah to travel east and hide in the Kerith ravine east of the River Jordan so that King Ahab cannot find him. – Slide 2
Elijah sets off for his hiding place. – Slide 3
Optional slide: This map shows Elijah’s home town of Tishbe, Samaria where King Ahab had his palace and the most likely location of Brook Kerith which ran through desolate ravine – Slide 4
No one lived or travelled near the Keith ravine. It was a lonely, hot and deserted place. – Slide 5
God had promised Elijah that ravens would bring him food. Ravens are very selfish birds. Would they share their food? – Slide 6
He drank fresh water from the brook that flowed through the ravine. – Slide 7
And morning and evening ravens brought him bread and meat - just as God had promised. – Slide 8
For many months Elijah survived on water from the brook. – Slide 9
Each morning and evening he ate meat and bread flown in by the ravens. – Slide 10
During this time not a drop of rain fell and there was no early morning dew. King Ahab searched everywhere for Elijah but could not find him. Plants, crops and animals started dying of thirst. – Slide 11
Then one day the Brook Kerith dried up. Elijah had no more water to drink. – Slide 12
God told Elijah to leave the ravine and travel north to a town called Zarephath in the country of Phoenecia. God explained He had commanded a widow there to supply him with food. – Slide 13
Elijah made his way out of the ravine and started travelling north. – Slide 14
Optional map. This map shows the location of Zarephath in Phoenicia, a country north of Israel and a route Elijah could have taken to avoid being spotted by those searching for him. – Slide 15
The journey took him out of the ravine ... – Slide 16
... and on towards the land of Phoenecia. He was very tired, thirsty and hungry. – Slide 17
God had fed him using ravens - now he headed for the town of Zarephath to find the widow God had told him would give him food and drink. – Slide 18
Slide 19