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Joseph is reunited with Jacob

Jacob learns Joseph is alive and travels to Egypt.
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When news reached Pharaoh’s palace about Joseph’s brothers Pharaoh told Joseph, ‘Tell your brothers to hurry back to the land of Canaan and get your father and all of your families, and return to Egypt. I will give you the very best land you will eat from the best that the land produces.’ – Slide 1
Wagons and goods were gathered for the brothers to return to Canaan and then bring their families to Egypt. – Slide 2
As his brothers set off, Joseph called after them, ‘Don’t quarrel about all this along the way!’ So they left Egypt and returned to their father, Jacob, in Canaan. – Slide 3
‘Joseph is still alive!’ they told him. ‘And he is governor of all the land of Egypt!’ – Slide 4
Jacob was stunned at the news—he couldn’t believe it. – Slide 5
The brothers once again told Jacob everything Joseph had told them. When Jacob saw the wagons Joseph had sent to carry him, he had a new lease of life. – Slide 6
Jacob exclaimed, ‘It must be true! My son Joseph is alive! – Slide 7
‘I must go and see him before I die.’ – Slide 8
Everyone packed up their belongings for the trip to Egypt. Jacob was transported in one of the carts. – Slide 9
They travelled to Beersheba where Jacob offered sacrifices to God. During the night God spoke to him in a vision. ‘Jacob! Jacob!’ he called. – Slide 10
‘Here I am,’ Jacob replied. ‘I am the God of your father,’ the voice said. ‘Do not be afraid to go to Egypt, for there I will make your family into a great nation. You will die in Egypt, but Joseph will be with you to close your eyes.’ – Slide 11
They then set off for Egypt. The number of Jacob’s descendants, not counting his sons’ wives, was sixty-six. As they neared their destination, Jacob sent Judah ahead to meet Joseph and get directions to the region of Goshen. – Slide 12
Joseph prepared his chariot and traveled to Goshen to meet his father, Jacob. – Slide 13
Eventually Joseph met up with the procession of carts bringing his family to Egypt – Slide 14
Jacob could hardly believe his eyes. The son he thought was dead was alive. – Slide 15
The two of them embraced and wept. – Slide 16
They held onto each other for a long time.  Finally, Jacob said to Joseph, ‘I am ready to die because I have seen you and know you are still alive.’ – Slide 17
And so Jacob, his twelve sons and their families settled in the region of Goshen In Egypt. There they acquired property, and their population grew rapidly. Jacob lived for seventeen years after his arrival in Egypt, so he lived 147 years in all. – Slide 18
Slide 19