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Joseph and Potiphar's wife

Joseph is falsely accused by Potiphar's wife.
Contributed by FreeBibleimages
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After being bought as a slave by Potiphar, Joseph worked hard for his master. Potiphar was an official of Pharaoh and captain of the guards. – Slide 1
Joseph worked well in every task he did and Potiphar was very pleased with his efforts. God blessed Potiphar and brought success to him because of Joseph. – Slide 2
Potiphar decided to promote Joseph to be in charge of his household servants and those working outside in the fields for him. Joseph was very good at taking charge and ran everything very well. – Slide 3
Soon Joseph had earnt Potiphar’s trust so much that his boss did not have to worry about anything - apart from what food he should eat. – Slide 4
Joseph had grown into a fine looking man and Potiphar’s wife became attracted to him. – Slide 5
One day as he was working alone she came up to him. – Slide 6
‘Come to bed with me,’ she demanded. – Slide 7
‘Your husband has put me in charge of everybody except you. He trusts me. How could I betray his trust in me?’ replied Joseph. – Slide 8
‘How could I do such a wicked thing and disobey God?’ Joseph protested. – Slide 9
Joseph rushed off to do his work trying to keep out of her way as much as he could. – Slide 10
But every day she would look for him ... – Slide 11
... and try to charm him into giving in to temptation. – Slide 12
But Joseph refused to betray the trust Potiphar had put in him or disobey God. – Slide 13
One day Joseph was busy in the house. Potiphar was at work and all none of the household servants were inside the building. – Slide 14
Potiphar’s wife saw another opportunity to seduce Joseph. – Slide 15
She made a desperate grab for him ... – Slide 16
Joseph resisted and struggled to get free from her grasp. – Slide 17
He immediately ran away. Potiphar’s wife held on to his cloak but Joseph wrestled free from it. – Slide 18
Joseph ran off leaving Potiphar’s wife holding his cloak. – Slide 19
Joseph fled out of the house. Potiphar’s wife gathered the other household servants and deviously wailed, ‘Joseph tried to seduce me. I screamed and he ran off.’ – Slide 20
When Potiphar returned, she showed him Joseph’s cloak. ‘That Hebrew slave tried to seduce me. I screamed and he ran off leaving his cloak behind.’ – Slide 21
Potiphar was furious. Immediately he gave orders for Joseph to be arrested and taken to prison. – Slide 22
Joseph protested his innocence but no-one would believe a Hebrew slave. He was marched off to Pharoah’s prison. – Slide 23
First his brothers had betrayed him. Now he had been unfairly imprisoned. Life seemed very unfair for Joseph but he knew that God was with him. He was not alone. – Slide 24
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