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Joseph sold as slave

Joseph is sold as a slave and Jacob is deceived.
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Genesis 37 v 12-14 Jacob sends Joseph to find his brothers, who are grazing their flocks in Shechem, and report back on how they are getting on. – Slide 1
Joseph travels north on the long trip to Shechem. – Slide 2
This map shows the most likely route Joseph travelled to find his brothers. – Slide 3
Genesis 37 v 15-17 When Joseph arrives in Shechem he searches the grazing land but cannot find his brothers. A man tells him he overheard them saying they were moving on to find new pastures in Dothan. – Slide 4
This map shows the location of Dothan, a walk of about 10 miles (16 km) further north. – Slide 5
Genesis 37 v 18-19 His jealous brothers see him coming and plot to kill him, throw his body into a cistern then say that a wild animal has killed him. – Slide 6
Genesis 37 v 21-22 Reuben protests and tells them not to kill Joseph or shed blood. – Slide 7
He suggests they spare his life but put him into a cistern. (He was secretly planning to rescue Joseph from the cistern later). – Slide 8
Genesis 37 v 23-24 Joseph’s brothers grab him and wrestle off his rich robe. – Slide 9
They force him into a deep cistern. – Slide 10
The cistern was dry and had no water in it. – Slide 11
Genesis 37 v 26-28 As the brothers are eating they see some Ishmaelite traders coming from Gilead. Their camels are loaded with spices, balm and myrrh that they are taking down to Egypt. Reuben is not with his brothers at this time. – Slide 12
Judah comes up with the idea of selling Joseph to the Ishmaelite traders. The brothers agree to his plan and sell Joseph to them for 20 shekels of silver. – Slide 13
Genesis 37 v 29-30 Reuben returns and finds Joseph is missing. He tears his clothes in grief when he finds out what has happened fearing he will get the blame. – Slide 14
Genesis 37 v 36 Joseph is taken south by the Ishmaelite traders... – Slide 15
... on the long trip to Egypt. – Slide 16
A map showing the most likely route to Egypt Joseph was forced to take. – Slide 17
In Egypt Joseph is taken into the slave market. – Slide 18
Potiphar, who works for Pharaoh as Captain of the Guard, is in the market looking for a slave. – Slide 19
Potiphar bids for Joseph and buys him from the Ishmaelite traders – Slide 20
Genesis 37 v 32-35 Meanwhile the brothers come up with a devious plan to explain Joseph’s disappearance. They kill a goat and dip Joseph’s rich robe in its blood. – Slide 21
They return to Jacob to show him the blood-stained robe. Jacob assumes that Joseph must have been torn to pieces by a wild animal. – Slide 22
Jacob tears his clothes, puts on sackcloth, and wails deeply. He is beside himself in grief and no-one can comfort him. He says he will mourn the loss of Joseph for the rest of his life. – Slide 23
Slide 24