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Jesus chooses twelve disciples to be apostles

Jesus prays then chooses 12 men to be apostles.
Contributed by LUMO project
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There were many people who became followers of Jesus and listened to His teaching. Men and women gathered to hear what He had to say. – Slide 1
They included fishermen He had called to follow Him, and a tax collector. Sometimes the crowds became large. – Slide 2
One day Jesus went up into the mountains alone to pray. – Slide 3
He spent the night talking with God.Jesus needed to decide on 12 men who would be with Him all the time. It was these 12 men who would be sent out in pairs to preach and be witnesses of His resurrection. – Slide 4
The next morning Jesus called the 12 men He wanted to be His disciples and apostles and they went up to Him. – Slide 5
The word ‘disciple’ means a learner or follower. The word ‘apostle’ means ‘one who is sent out.’ – Slide 6
The first four were fishermen who Jesus had invited to follow Him. One was Simon who Jesus later renamed Peter meaning ‘rock’. – Slide 7
Jesus also chose Peter’s brother Andrew. Andrew had left John the Baptist to become a follower of Jesus. – Slide 8
James, the son of Zebedee, was called to be a disciple of Jesus. – Slide 9
As was his brother John. Jesus nicknamed them the ‘sons of thunder’. – Slide 10
Philip had been one of the first to follow Jesus and invited others like Bartholomew (Nathanael) to do the same. – Slide 11
Bartholomew, (also known as Nathanael) was once described by Jesus as, ‘A true Israelite, in whom there is nothing false.’ – Slide 12
Matthew, had left his job as a tax collector to follow Jesus. – Slide 13
Thomas, who later doubted that Jesus was alive until he saw Him, was chosen. – Slide 14
James son of Alphaeus is sometimes known as James the less. Little is written in the Bible about him. – Slide 15
Simon was called zealot. He may been ‘zealous’ or once belonged to a group of zealots (dagger men) who wanted to get rid of the Romans who ruled the land. – Slide 16
Thaddeus was also known as ‘Judas (or Jude) the son of James’ (Luke 6:6) and as Lebbaeus (Matthew 10:3). – Slide 17
Jesus also chose Judas Iscariot who later betrayed Him. – Slide 18
These men were constantly with Jesus, learning what He had to teach them. – Slide 19
They travelled everywhere Jesus went and were also sent out in pairs to preach, heal and cast out demons in Jesus’ name. – Slide 20
There had been 12 tribes that made up the nation of Israel and Jesus chose 12 disciples. All but Judas Iscariot would be His apostles and leaders of the early church. – Slide 21
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